24 2 / 2013

DARLING in Coral

DARLING in Coral

06 10 / 2012

I would never use the word gaudy to describe myself or my personal style.  However, I have noticed over the years an increasing number of my accessories could be describes as such!  Particularly my favorite jewelry pieces.

My wardrobe is essentially black and white with very classic lines that can be worn through the latest trends with ease.  Mixed with pops of color, fabulous shoes, and (at least) one statement piece of jewelry and I’m set for any occasion. 

Almost everyday, somebody stops to ask me where did you get that ring (or necklace, or bracelet, etc.) so I launched my online jewelry boutique, GaudyGirls.com.  The serial entrepreneur in me just took over!

Here, I will share everything Gaudy Girls in addition to my favorite style finds.  Posts will be for the gaudy girl in me and in every woman!